Ipotêtu’s choreographies

Lyn Nékorimaté & Sébastien Garciaz

from 4 to 8 December 2017

The workshop “Ipotêtu’s choreographies” was proposed and led by Lyn Nékorimatè (Ding collective) and Sébastien Garciaz (developer). With the precious help of Maëva Changeur, on a civic service mission for the project, and Jean Paul Labro (Ding Collective).

The workshop “Les chorégraphies d’Ipotêtu” took place from 4 to 8 December 2017 with the pupils of the two 5th grade classes, divided into four groups. It took place in the multipurpose room of the Pierre Emmanuel high school, organized in two spaces identifying the distinct stages of creation: a first reserved for research and choreographic writing and a second dedicated to data capture with the HTCVive and Kinect interfaces.

These choreographies are the result of experimentation and discussion with the students on the questions of body writing and the art of gesture, particularly through the notions of “know-how” and ” good manners ” in everyday life, but also in the world and its cultures, History and its aesthetics. The questions of body and movement “techniques” and those which interpret them are underlying during the entire workshop.

Each student was first asked to define in a word and in writing, a feeling, a state or something important to him or her. Then, each one choreographed his or her theme into a series of memorized gestures that he or she then presented to his or her classmates. Finally, each choreographic creation was performed and written by its author with the HTCVive interface in the recording space.

In order to put other know-how into practice, the students were introduced to the basic principles of staging and video. The five days of the workshop were punctuated by moments of thoughts, discussions and consulting documents (books, videos, films) but also by physical and bodily practices in accordance with the main issues of the workshop: Know-how and good manners, the meaning of the gesture.

Speakers : Lyn Nékorimaté, Sébastien Garciaz and Maëva Changeur.

List of students participating in the « Ipotêtu-s choreographies » workshop :
Souhaile Ahmed Laaziz, Esteban Almodovar, Miguel Azenha Coutinho, Ever Bertrand, Margot Carriat, Fémi Caudera Roux, Quentin Chenin, Enzo Costa, F.D.S, Yasin Dogan, Aidan Ducamp, Yannis Etcheberry-Fellouss, Ellouna Everaert, Hanae Gamihouen, Wiktoria Klab, Kacper Kolodziej, Léa Lafargue, Raiien Lefort, Laura Luye Tanet, Sanda Madi, Antoine Mageau, Florian Martin, Esteban Murillo, Maria Roshkani, Maëva Venon Dusseaux, Lukas Vergnaud, Zokou Mohiri Ruth, Sarah Ameur, Jonathan André Gomez, Sofiane Banouni, Léo-Paul Céleste, Hugo Coulm, Jefferson Dos Santos Silva, Ilyas El Allaoui, Enzo Etchessahar, Coralie Fernandes, Marwan Ftaite, Mehdi Husta, Margoum, C. J, Léonie Jolly, Alexandra Karacheva, Mickael Longuebray, Abdelmalek Meguireche, Selimhan Oral, Maëva Oudin, L. P, Corey Pissot, Yannis Tamburello, Anaïs Teixeir.

The garden of Ipotêtu

Lyn Nékorimaté

Ipotêtu’s choreographies

Lyn Nékorimaté & Sébastien Garciaz

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