Memorized prospectings

Laurence Cornet

march 2018

This workshop proposes to tackle the question of time and memory, and the place of the object in a perspective that is both chronological, historical and scientific through the different approaches and methods of archeology.

During this workshop, it was proposed to question the environment close to the college students by proposing to explore in the form of prospections the surroundings of the college, but also the establishment, then to restore the history of its occupation from the elements (artifacts) collected: wastepaper baskets, everyday objects, anthropogenic or natural elements … He mobilized the students according to the methods of investigation of field archaeologists: each object collected on the ground (inside, outside of the establishment) or in modern dumps comparable to prehistoric, ancient or medieval dumps (wastebaskets) has been listed.

This “archaeological furniture” was classified, then packaged and stored in the archive room. At the end of the study, it was the subject of a selection in order to allow its restitution to the public in digital form within the virtual museum of Ipotêtu.

Report of the sessions in the framework of the joint workshops over two day sessions :

The main objectives of the two sessions focused on prospecting in the college, an action called “memorized prospecting” were to allow students to take control of both time and space by observing their daily environment.

From the disciplinary fields of archeology, in connection with the history and history of art, and by experimenting with its methods on the college site, tackling the concept of duration and memory made it possible to restore in the form from different productions (digital photos, plastic productions) a distanced vision of the college’s temporality. It was strongly questioned by most of the students who invested themselves in an active and remarkable way in the proposed activities.

The presentation of their productions, both plastic by drawing objects, but also using new technologies (digitization, photography) and finally text, using their skills of analysis and hypothesis, is the basis of ” an evolutionary work which can be enriched during the life of the establishment.

Brief description of the material from the work with the students of the 6th class :

Material collected during prospections : put in a bag, marked, taken from its location.

Objects used as a working support : photographs, drawings on white and millimeter paper, productions of writings “imagine the history of the object in its context ».

Effective storage : The objects were kept, in their sachet, in cardboard boxes deposited, as well as the written traces (drawings / objects, and stories written on paper) in the work room dedicated to the project in the college. During the workshops, photographs from both the workshops and working photographs (objects) formed the documentary basis. The whole was assembled by Maëva Changer.

Speakers : Laurence Cornet and Maëva Changeur.

List of students participating in the « Memorized prospectings » workshop :
Maya Baccarat Ilhosa, Hind Bayout, Rayan Bentameur, Julie Beurnier-Moreno, Anickael Bini, Elie Bonnemazou, Lony Nelson Cabecas-Rodrigues, Morgane Carrieu-Da Silva, Thomas Casaubon, Alan Cazajus, Thibault Cazarres, Enzo Cazaux, José Duarte Soares, Rachel Gallard-Defeyer, Julien Gallet, Kylian Her, Nehma Houat, Victore Konga Reve, Mathis Lauroua–Pavec, Thibault Martini, Noémie Naciri Torcuato, Yazid Oucherqi, Maël Paquier, Emma Surribas, Alexia Akouete, Océane Alibert, Saadia Allou, Jimmy Audi-Grivetta, Nell Baccarat Ilhosa, Swann Baziet, Hamed Bennacer, Basile Ducret, Chemssy El Gharbi, et Daniel, Lou Guignette, Matthias Jaeger Chetrat, Léo Lacor, Lucas Lafaye, Yarol Levrero, Sarah Levy Garcia, Rayan Logossou, Zohran Marbi, Muqa Dijon, Anna Palay, Anaïs Richmond, Jibril Sadji, Dino Salvo, Houyam Youssefi.

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