The great sphere

Jean Paul Labro & Sébastien Garciaz

from November 2017 to March 2019

A collection of small objects gleaned by schoolchildren and digitized with a 3D scanner and gathered in a digital sphere that will take place outside the Ipotêtu Museum. The data of each high school student is stored in their “digital lockers”.

NB: This micro-workshop extends over two school years.

Beyond its organizational principle, which makes it possible to maintain a permanent activity at the high school and a visibility of the Ipotêtu studio, the workshop La Great Sphere aims to produce a digital work in the form of animated sculpture, graphic and sound. It is a sphere composed of objects collected in the intimate universe of high school students. Organized using the tools of Studio Ipotêtu and the active presence of a person on a civic service mission, this collection of objects took place during the 2017-2018 school year outside the classroom between noon and 2 p.m. Freely invited to contribute to the creation of a participatory work, the students brought a small familiar object that was scanned in 3D in Studio Ipotêtu, stored in an online digital locker and then integrated into Sphaera Magnetica (title of the work).

From February to June 2018, during Maëva Changeur’s eight months of civic service, in charge of leading the Great Sphere workshop, 34 objects from 29 students were collected and scanned. Collection, which stagnated in the spring of 2018, stopped on its own.

In October 2018, with the arrival of a new sixth grade contingent and a new person on a civic service mission, Marina Bianchi, it was decided to undertake another type of collection with the collaboration of Mr. Benoit Cazaubon, a music teacher. It is with his sixth grade students that between January and May 2019 the last phase of the Great Sphere workshop was organized into a sound creation workshop.

From January to February 2019: The Great Sphere workshop in music class

Speakers : Jean Paul Labro and Marina Bianchi.

It is within the framework of Benoit Cazaubon’s Music classes that a sound creation work is proposed to 6th grade A and B students based on objects they themselves have brought into the classroom. These objects were digitalized in 3D at the same time and associated with the sounds produced to be integrated into the Sphere. The instrumental potentials and digital sound processing tools of the music class have been fully invested to produce these sound objects. With all the sounds collected, Mr. Cazaubon and his students have also created a composition that will be shown in the Ipotêtu museum.

Speakers : Jean Paul Labro, Sébastien Garciaz, Maëva Changeur and Marina Bianchi.

List of students participating in the “the Great Sphere » workshop :
Castaing Frechou Soraya, Nougha Sarah, Chenin Gaetanne, Peltier Finco Arthur, El Akroud Yosra, Delhom Tiphaine ,Dogan Emran, Zitouni Nadim Rami, Ktaba Imad, Bensaid Fadel Amir, Lucas Victor, Pierre Noah, Odum Uzoma, Garcia Melyna, Bembi Gracia, Kolodziej Kajetan, Rabanel Matisse, Marrouat Ethan, Fernandes Joao Michel, Marrouat Sarah, Rayneau Raphaël, Duran Loann, Rodriguez Touahria Lyssandre, Yimba Divana, Fouquet Antton, Detchevey Maëline Etienne, Laazairi Zarmouni Nacim, Yamani Salma, Cazenave Dorian Naciri Torcuato Miriam, Jacq Yanis, Camy Maylis, Mekkaoui Walid Balde Aydan,Cormier Erwan, Majd Hajar, Avetisyan Madlena, Diabate-Marquet Noa, Carriere Louis,Tounsi Ambrine, Landa Shana, Loustau Emma, Bentameur Amir, Achlouj Moad, Makengo Lise, Levy Garcia Sarah, Dino Salvo, Nell Baccarat Ilhosa, Morgane Da Silva ,Jibril Sadji, Océane Alibert, Maëva Hervas, Houyam Youssefi, Julien Gallet, Kylian Her, Emma Surribas, Maëva Venon Dusseaux, Laura Luyé Tanet, Lana Gouamas, Vergnaud Lukas , Maria Roshkani, Murillo Esteban, Mohiri Ruth Zokou, Maëva Oudin, Enzo Etchessahar, Banouni Sofiane, Yannis Tamburello, Julien Morel, Chloé Bertrand, Glaesner Pierre, Brocourt Claire, Mollard Zoé.

Associated teacher :  Benoit Cazaubon.

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