Acting echoes

Lyn Nékorimaté & Sébastien Garciaz

In the eastern buildings of the Museum on two levels
47 Sound and musical sculptures in random appearance mode

Acting Echoes is a serie of 47 sculptural calligraphies with sound behaviours. These giant calligraphies are the choreographies created and written by the pupils of the 5th grade classes with the HTCVive interface during the workshop in December 2018.  Installed in the virtual museum in two superimposed rooms, one in positive and the other in negative, these sculptural calligraphies appear in a random mode, thus giving different visual compositions and polyphonic canopies on each visit. From various origins and references, these sonic or musical moments plunge us into fragments of life or history. Each moment of sound is a response by Lyn Nékorimaté to the theme that motivated each student’s choreographic writing. Two echoes of a word, one choreographic then sculptural and the other phonic.

Workshop Ipotêtu’s choreographies