Perform the facade

Elsa Mazeau

Sound : Olivier Toulemonde
In the courtyard
8 photographs, 5m x 3m30 approximately, prints on mattress foams.

We rely on the physical reality of the facades, by linking certain architectural elements between them, by straps, like as many crossings paths. The itinerary is less obvious, the likely fall; the fact of trying and then starting again, everything is part of the project.
Bodies, crossing these lines, form relationships. The strap then allows us to test the bonds. It is the way to think (penser in french), from the Latin pensare “to weigh, to weigh up” or “to think, to bend again”.
In balance, the tightrope walkers and the children who live in their neighbourhoods suggest that the architectures are being put under tension. The vibrations obtained by walking, trace sound trajectories. The strap becomes a string that we play, it records the fragile steps, the precarious balance.

Workshop Perform the facade