The musical greenhouse

Lyn Nékorimate

Work from the Ipotêtu Forest

The musical greenhouse appears in the heart of the Ipotêtu Forest. It’s the modeling of the greenhouse carried out on a scale1 of recycled materials on the wasteland of the college, in preparation for the workshop. It is unveiled here in the form of a colorful greenhouse, similar to a three-dimensional stained glass window and hosting several pieces: Echoes of spices, audio album represented by a vinyl record, bringing together four musical pieces, Area of nothing, Sunset, Elixir of rain, Fermentation. Partitions, is a poster to download, made up of student scores. The herbarium, a video similar to a slide show of students’ spices drawings. The work is activated via the slides’ projector on the floor in the greenhouse. Rock crystal A, Rock crystal B, Rock crystal C, group of three 3D rocks, similar to sound crystals. Each of them murmurs a song from the traditional Gascon oral repertoire, accompanied by a string tambourine. Songs from recordings made with students of the Occitan course, Professor Marion Lavergne and Lucie Longué, guest artist.

The Ipotêtu Garden Workshop