Sphaera Magnetica

Jean Paul Labro & Sébastien Garciaz

On the parking / 74 3D objects, sounds, texts

Sphaera magnetica is a totemic and cacophonous chimera realized with various objects collected from schoolchildren from 2017 to 2018. The objects were sounded in the music class of Benoît Cazaubon.
Each object was scanned in 3D and then underwent digital processing for formal simplification, leading it to the graphic threshold of its disappearance. Because of the sphere’s interactivity, we can click on each of them to reveal a visual of its material origin.
If the magnetic sphere agglomerates the signs of a generation, it is because it’s composed of a typology of everyday and/or intimate objects belonging to middle School students. The presence of many smartphones reveals a favorite object which conceals a whole intimacy of emotional and cultural ties as well as discursive and singular practices. To each scanned smartphone is attached a message written by its owner for the middle school student of tomorrow (it will appear by clicking on the objects in the sphere).
The moon of Sphaera magnetica is a perfect sphere attached to it. Variable in color, it levitates a few distances from its matrix. By clicking on it, you will listen to the Round shape made in the class of Benoît Cazaubon.

Workshop the great sphere